18th C Ketland & Co. Indian Trade Musket
Item #: DROL599
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18th century flintlock musket. 46" barrel. Bore measures to .58". Single trigger.MATERIAL/FINISH COMPOSITION: Iron and brass components. Full length wood stock with low comb.FEATURES: Brass blade front sight. Lock plate marked "KETLAND / - CO.". Proofed on left rear of barrel "Crown/V", "proof mark", and "Crown/V". Brass trigger guard, ramrod guides, engraved side plate, wrist decoration, and butt plate with engraved top tang. Wood ramrod with brass tip. Oval medallion set into a wood plate behind the top tang. Ketland & Co. was a gun maker founded in Birmingham, England and produced locks and guns from 1760 to circa 1831, making many firearms for the Colonies and the Indian trade starting circa 1790.CONDITION: Fair. A dark patina has developed on the barrel and lock assembly. Moderate discoloration to brass components. Old embedded pitting near the touch hole on the barrel, the frizzen, and flash pan. Moderate wear to stock with dents, gouges and scratches. Stock is cracked in half at the middle and the end of the ramrod guide.Ramrod looks to be full length and the lock doesn't work properly.It is a scarce musket and one in better condition fetched 6K...

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