Nathan Starr Militia Officers sword, c. 1825 Belonging to Erastus P. Pallan Inspector General RI
Item #: DROL550
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Nathan Starr Militia Officers sword, c. 1825, 1 of 50 made, number 11 stamped on the drag, brass hilt with forward swept quillon, D-guard with two scrolled branches, turned wooden grip, brass pommel cap, top grip bar engraved "Erastus P. Allan,” modified saber-like blade, leather and brass accented scabbard mount engraved "Erastus P. Allan, Newport, R.I.,” good condition with expected signs of wear, scabbard with some dry and cracking leather and a weak spot near in the leather near the drag, blade measures 28 ¼” l.; tip to pommel cap 33” l.; scabbard 29”.,the blade does not have a Starr stamp but previous owner researched the sword back to the Starr firm.

Provenance: Property of Erastus P. Pallan, Inspector General of the Rhode Island Militia; one of 50 private purchase swords made by Starr.

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