U.S. Model 1836 Johnson Contract Percussion Conversion Pistol
Item #: DROL407
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This is an example of a Model 1836 flintlock pistol manufactured by Robert Johnson of Middletown, Connecticut, in 1843 and later, (1850s), converted to percussion. The lock is marked "US./R. JOHNSON/MIDDn CONN./1843" and the top of the barrel at the breech is marked "U.S./JH/P". The pistol has the distinctive iron swivel ramrod with button head, barrel band that extends to join the side plate and integral back strap and buttcap. The barrel, side plate/barrel band, ramrod, buttcap and trigger guard were finished National Armory Bright. The lock plate, hammer, frizzen, barrel tang and trigger casehardened finish. The black walnut, stock has an oil finish. There is two illegible oval cartouches oval on the left stock flat.
Good. The metal surfaces have a mottled silver gray patina with scattered minor pitting around the nipple. The stock is good with several minor dents and a few minor dings and scratches. The lock markings are readable. The action is fine.
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
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