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CIVIL WAR ERA BREAKAWAY SAFETY STIRRUP – AS KNOWN TO BE USED ON CONFEDERATE OFFICER’S SADDLES: A very unique Civil War era stirrup, this iron, breakaway or safety stirrup is well documented as having been used during the Civil War (see page 290, of The American Military Saddle 1776-1945).

Two specimens are known to have been excavated from separate battlefield sites, and a pair of these stirrups are attached to a documented Confederate Officer’s saddle. On pages 95-96 of Craig Caba’s Historic Southern Saddles is pictured the Virginia manufactured saddle, fitted with a "CS” marked pommel shield, that was owned by Capt. W. Stuart Symington, a staff officer who served with MG George Pickett. This saddle is equipped with stirrups identical to the pair offered here. The stirrup straps are covered with a thin black leather shroud that is now fragile with age and since the shrouds would not survive any harsh handling such as would be necessary to change the stirrups; the breakaway stirrups are believed to be original to the saddle.

Measuring 5.75” high, 4.5” wide, this iron stirrup featured a split stirrup strap loop and a hinged tread plate that would allow the stirrup to "open”, releasing the rider’s foot, should he be thrown from the saddle. The stirrup is complete and fully functional with a crisp spring action.

This is a relatively rare Civil War era breakaway stirrup that isn't not found in many collections today, with the added plus of a firm connection to Confederate Horse Equipment.
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