Original Civil War Colt 1851 Navy .36 Caliber Revolver - Manufactured in 1861
Item #: DROL948
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Presented here is a great version of an original Colt 1851, 3rd Model Navy Revolver in very good condition. One of the most popular pistols ever produced by Samuel Colt’s firm in Hartford, Connecticut was Colt’s Navy model, a premier medium caliber handgun. Colt designated the term "Navy” to imply the caliber (.36) of the weapon, as he did with its later and heavier companion, the Colt Model 1860 Army (.44 caliber).

This handsome Model 1851 Navy revolver bears serial number #109230 1861 production date and is a great example of a much carried personal sidearm used during the American Civil War. All serial numbers match except the cylinder and load lever. The cylinder serial number is 109923. This six-shot, .36 caliber, cap and ball percussion revolver specimen was one of over 215,000 such sidearms made and with an 7½” long barrel. Has very good mechanics and 50% of the roll engraved naval engagement scene of the Republic of Texas Navy and the Mexican Navy on the cylinder.

No original case colors remain on the three-screw frame. All gun metal wears a smooth, dark gray patina overall. Octagonal barrel exhibits rounded edges and the muzzle shows even wear. Barrel address markings "ADDRESS SAM’L COLT NEW YORK CITY” are strong and sharp. Smooth, unvarnished grips are of one-piece walnut, have no cartouches, and are in good condition. No silver wash on the brass trigger guard or back strap. An affordable Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver with a great solid action discounted due to not all matching numbers.

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