Civil War US Naval Officer Model 1852 Sword By W.H. Horstmann
Item #: DROL880
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Here is a Civil War US Naval Officer Model 1850 Sword By W.H. Horstmann. The blade of this sword was manufactured by the firm of William H. Horstmann and Sons of Philadelphia. Horstmann, a well-known sword retailer and importer. Horstmann imported and assembled the blades with grips and then applied his blade address on the ricasso.

Sword has a single-edged, slightly curved, engraved blade that measures 30.50 inches long with a 23.50 inch long stopped fuller and 15.00 inch narrow fuller. Both flats of the blade exhibit intricately etched floral decorations along with military motifs. All etching is covered with old gold gilt down the blade. Manufacturer’s mark, "W H. HORSTMANN / & SONS / PHILADELPHIA” is read in three lines at the obverse ricasso. Starting at the blade’s obverse ricasso is a foliate design that incorporates a military motifs. Reverse blade has the "U.S.N.” markings on blade center with similar engravings. Has the original leather washer.

The cast brass hilt is similar to a Model 1850 foot officer’s sword and displays an open worked floral guard with a single band integrated into the knucklebow. Leather grips are good with light scuffing. The Shark Skin Grips secured with twisted brass wire that is tight and strong. Quillon face exhibits a dolphins head. Pommel shows a domed cap with a droop wing eagle surrounded by stars. All brass has acquired a light patina overall.

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