Texas Circle Star Martingale Dug at Jane Longs Tavern Brazoria TX
Item #: DROL810
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Here is a great Texas Circle Star Martingale Dug at Jane Longs Tavern in Brazoria, TX. The site dates from 1826 thru the Republic of Texas time period. It is believed to be from the Republic of Texas time period. It is brass with a lead filled back. The reverse side had 4 wire hooks which secured it to the leather chest harness. Frank Booth recovered this artifact on October 9, 1999. This was in the Bobby Mckinney collection of Rosenberg Texas.

Here is Bobby McKinney's post on Treasure Depot about this discovery

The circle star martingale was dug at the site of jane longs tavern in the old town Brazoria,texas on the brazos river.the site dates from 1826 through the republic of texas period.it is made of brass and has a lead filled back.the reverse side has four wire attachments-missing-which pushed through a small hole on the leather base of the breast collar.this piece was dug on October-9th-1999 by frank booth-also the star is gold gilted but I will not clean it. frank booth hit it good this morning.he found 21 brass four pounder solid shot in one big area at fort velasco.a big bluff caved off last night from the rain and they all spilled out.he got there this morning at daybreak and saw them all lying there on the beach.he said his eyes about popped out.they are all crude casted with the mold seams showing and most have a flat spot on them from likely a sand cast pour.we ffeel that they came from the fort.records show they had a 4pnrd and an 8 inch gun at the fort.this shot could be used in the 4 pndr and used again as grape shot in the 8 inch gun.since this shot is so crude.we think it was cast at the fort.they have plenty of sand to make molds with.they are for sale to.frank wants 125 each for them.not a bad days haul.bobby I got 3 and had guys calling and wanting to buy them. this brass canister shot was excavated in an 1836 retreat route camp of Mexican general,santa anna.this camp was found in ford bend county,texas along the banks od the san Bernard river.it was on this route that the Mexican army was trying to make a hasty retreat out of texas only days after the army's defeat at the battle of san jacinto.marching thru pouring down rain and in an unfamiliar territory,the Mexican army soon found itself bogged down in knee deep mud.to lighten the loads for the horses,ordnance of various type were discarded from the wagons.relic hunter,terry kieler dug this canister shot and other relics of the Mexican army on this site.the canister was found to be in sizes of 4ox and 2oz. bobby McKinney I bought 3 sets THANKS TEXAS GUYS YOU ARE THE BEST

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