18 Fort Leavenworth Cabinet Card Photos Attributed to US Engineer Lt. Henry L. Ripley 1876-95
Item #: DROL781
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Here is a set of 18 original Fort Leavenworth Cabinet Card Photos Attributed to Lt. Henry L. Ripley 1876-95. US Engineer

Henry L. Ripley served fro 1876 thru 1895. Here is his service information

2nd class Private Co. E Batt. Engineer, 1 April 1876, 1st Class Private 1 May 1876.

Corpl. 17 June 1877, 2nd Lieut 24th Inf. 28 June 1879, 1st Lieut. 26 Nov 1884.

Transferred to 3rd Cavalry 23 Feb 1887. Then promoted to Captain 8 Aug. 1895. Honor Graduate of the Infantry and Cavalry School 1885.

Each Cabinet photo is is signed by Henry and some are illustrated to the who and what at Fort Leavenworth along with other officers family, military activities, soldiers and especially horses and the soldiers homes there. This is the most illustrated group of Fort Leavenworth original Cabinet Card Photos seen anywhere. Be sure to view each image and see life at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Henry saw it all from the US Indian wars thru the US Span- Am War and after as retiring after achieving the rank of Captain.


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